What makes All Spun Up cotton candy different?

We believe that best food is simple and uses the best ingredients. We start with a base of minimally processed organic sugar and add real fruit (and other yummy ingredients!) to infuse flavor naturally into our candy clouds. No artificial flavoring. No dyes. No preservatives. Pink and blue aren’t flavors. They never have been and they never will be.

Is it made with sugar?

Yes, of course! We use only the best organic sugar in each and every flavor. About 2 tablespoons go into each large tub, which makes for a very calorie-friendly treat. In fact every one of our flavors is 200 calories or less for the ENTIRE TUB. How’s that for treating yo’ self?

So no matter how delicious that insulation looks, never try to eat it just because it’s sugar free.

Remember, #pinkandbluearentflavors.

What is this little, crunchy piece in my cotton candy?

Each flavor of our cotton candy is made by hand in small batches. Every once in awhile, little drops of caramelized sugar will make themselves comfortable among the candy clouds. They are amber-colored bits of pure joy. Enjoy!

How do you make it?

With love and magic.

(You’re welcome.)