When Life Gives You Lemons,

Make Cotton Candy

Hey, there! My name is Sarah. I’m the creator of All Spun Up. Cotton candy has been a staple (yeah, I said staple…we’re serious around here) when planning life’s most important events. From birthdays to wedding receptions, we never missed a chance to rent a spun sugar machine because it was always such a nostalgic reminder of pure, unadulterated fun! Childhood memories of circuses and county fairs always included clouds of puffy pink and blue fluff (which aren’t flavors, btw), and don’t get me wrong, they are delicious, but I often wondered why cotton candy didn’t have distinct flavors?

Fast forward several years, a happy marriage, a few kids and a surprising diagnosis. Our son, then 4, was diagnosed with autism. Unsure of how to best support him, we did a lot of personal research and soul searching. We found that, for him, we could tweak his diet a bit and get some positive results. We eliminated dyes and had him eating foods in their most natural form. While this didn’t cure anything, it did make a difference. So we’ve tried our best to feed our whole family this way. We strongly believe in balance, sugar included.

My husband was in the midst of his MBA program and needed to create a business for a class. After discussing ideas, we came to the conclusion that, as far as business interests go, sugar is my passion. In the spring of 2014, All Spun Up was born.

My mission is to offer a cotton candy so delicious, so full of flavor, so different and yet so natural, it’s almost guilt-free. By using the best ingredients, ensuring the integrity of the products by never using dyes, and making our recipes in small batches, we have freedom to experiment and play with flavor profiles until we achieve just the right taste sensation.  And trust me, we play. This job is so fun! The highlight is when we have a customer tell us that our All Spun Up is the first cotton candy their child/husband/gruncle has been able to have because it’s dye-free/preservative-free/allergen-free! (Yes, many flavors are allergen-free!)

Justine (Co-founder and Ride-or-Die)  was a believer and cheerleader early on. From the moment I brought up the idea of All Spun Up, she was on board. We began working together as event planners, and produced incredible gatherings together, but were so busy with that gig, the cotton candy dream was put to bed for awhile.

As the event season slowed down, we sat down and started dreaming again. We envisioned white fluffy clouds of organic cotton candy, swirled with real pineapple, infused with natural flavors and topped with toasted coconut. The possibilities were endless, and we came up with 6 flavors in two minutes flat. Get two foodie friends together and magic happens!

So, here we are today. A couple of ladies, doing our best to be good wives and mothers, and offering the world something we are truly proud of. All Spun Up is more than cotton candy…it is an experience. A sweet, natural, delicious experience, and one we want everyone to be able to enjoy. We whole-heartedly believe it’s a life-changing one at that!